Fishing in southern Dalarna

In the area around the Avesta Kanotcenter you will find an open countryside surrounded by lakes and forests. Dalälven flows through the area and puts a strong imprint on nature through its passage. It forms lakes, wide bays and flowing rapids.


The lower Dalälven is one of Sweden´s most complete sport fishing areas. There are over thirty different species of fish. In the water currents you will find different salmon varieties and everywhere along the river there is an abundance of pike, walleye and perch. In this area you will find Färnebofjärdens National Park (www.färnebofjä and Tyttbo rapids ( / Tyttbo).

Fishing areas, fishing license

In the surroundings of Avesta there is a large number of fishing areas where you need to by a fishing license. Below is a list of current prices for the different fishing licenses needed for fishing within the area around Avesta Kanotcenter.


Fishing license Bäsinge: 100 SEK/week

Fishing license By: 100 SEK/day150 SEK/week

Fishing license Tyttbo: 130 SEK/day

Fishing license Färnbofjärden: 50 SEK/day, 200 SEK/week


For information on other fishing areas contact Avesta Tourist information:

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