Canoe trips and outdoor life in Dalarna

The area of our canoe tours is called Lower Dalälven. Here the mighty river winds its way through a shifting landscape. It makes its way through forests with abundant wildlife, where, for example, elk, deer, lynx, fox and beaver live. It spreads out, forming deltas and lakes with great fishing and wonderful views of the thriving agricultural environments, it creates wide bays and flowing rapids.

In this area you will find  Färnebofjärdens nationalpark, a unique area that contains more than 200 islands and islets. Bird life has no counterpart in the country, more than 100 species nest here, including several owl species and most Swedish woodpecker species. You will also find  Tyttboforsen, a 3 km long paradise for anglers where you can fish for grayling, pike, walleye and perch.

Lower Dalälven coincides with the biological border to Norrland, Limes Norrlandicus, where Swedish northern and southern plant and animal species meet to form an area with a unique flora and fauna.

In the year 2011, Lower Dalälven was appointed as Sweden’s third Biosphere Reserve (an area of high natural and cultural values) by  UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

We have identified four different canoeing tours in this amazing environment, from light to medium and advanced, depending on how experienced paddlers you are and in what physical condition you are.


You can also book tours only in Färnebofjärden National Park from 2-7 days. 

Our canoes, standard- and extraequipment

Swedish-made canoes from Linder

Inkas 525
The only canoe that is approved for three people. From the stable family canoe to adventure canoe. Inkas 525 can be used in the ocean and in rapids. Suitable as a week-long canoe rental with  a lot of luggage. Unsinkable. Approved by Det Norske Veritas. Length 17,2 ft (525 cm)

Width 3 ft (90 cm)

Height 13,8 in (35 cm)

Loading capacity 880 lb (400 kg)
Weight 83,7 lb (38 kg) 


Standard equipment included the canoe rental


1 day tour: Map, paddles, life jackets

2-7 days tour: Map, paddles, life jackets, shovel, sponge, trash bags and canoe cart.

Extra equipment (prices are quoted in SEK)
1 day
2 days
5 days
7 days
Packing barrel, 60l

Extra canoe seat for kids under 16 years


Trangia kitchen
Tent, 2-3 persons
Sleeping pad (comfort)
Sleeping bag
* Including 1 liter of fuel

Our canoe trips


Our canoes, standard- and extra equipment
Rules for canoe renting at Avesta Kanotcenter


When planning a week's vacation in a canoe, it's very important what kind of clothes you choose. You should pack so that you are guarded against moisture, wind and cold. Depending on what time of year you are arriving, you have to adjust your clothes according to that. In spring and autumn, it can often be quite cold at night and early morning hours when temperatures can drop down below freezing. It can appear quite chilly in a tent if your sleeping bag does not retain the heat.


Below is a list of personal equipment that you can use as a base for a week's canoe trip:
a pair of rubber boots,

a pair of shoes or boots,
4-6 pairs of socks,
4-6 pair of underwear,
4-6 pair of T-shirts / shirts, preferably not cotton
2-3 pairs of pants,
a pair of thick socks,
a pair of shorts,
a windproof jacket,
a warm sweater,
cap (spring and autumn) alt. sunhat,
gloves (spring and autumn)
sunglasses and suntan lotion.
a warm underwear and socks to sleep in (fall and spring)
Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, toiletries, mosquito repellent, thermos, plates, cutlery, cup, string or strap, flashlight, compass, fishing gear, binoculars, camera (packed in a waterproof container)

Tip: Do not take more baggage than a week of hiking. The clothes that are in should be packed in watertight bags or waterproof barrels.


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