Rules for Canoe Rentals




All guests must participate in the briefing given before the start of the tour. It will give you information about:
• Tour description, review of map
• Weather reports
• Public Access Rights (

• Fires, risk and prohibitions
• Bird protection areas and other sensitive areas
• Waste Disposal
After the briefing, you will sign a liability agreement.



At the starting point, the instructor goes through the equipment, how to load a canoe, paddling techniques, canoe cart, etc.



Anyone who rents a canoe at Avesta Kanotcenter must always wear a life jacket in the canoe. Follow the given instructions on locations for loading and unloading the canoe into the water. There are signs along the canoe route. Before the tour starts, you will receive an emergency phone number you can call during your stay with us.


Equipment Insurance

The insurance covers loss or damage of equipment rented at Avesta Kanotcenter. It does NOT apply to accidents or damage to personal effects caused by our equipment. Insurance does not apply if the guest has been careless with the equipment. In this case, the guest must pay the entire cost of the equipment leased in Avesta Kanotcenter.


In order to appreciate and enjoy your stay with us in the best way possible, you should be in good physical shape, and one requirement is that you are able to swim. Children under 16 may only paddle when accompanied by an adult. All participation is at your own risk.

General renting rules

General renting rules

The order is binding on both parties when the contract is signed or Avesta canoe center in writing confirm a guest's booking.


Avesta Kanotcenter may request that the guest when booking pay a deposit amounting to:
20% of the total rent 30 days before the rental period
30% of the total rental price 29-14 days before the rental period
40% of the total rental price 13-7 days before the rental period

Rest of the rent in addition to booking fee is paid no later than the beginning of the rental period unless otherwise agreed in the particular case. If no rent is paid on time the Avesta Kanotcenter has the right to charge penalty interest rate. Avesta Kanotcenter has the right to terminate the agreement if the guest does not pay on time and the delay is not substantial to Avesta Kanotcenter. The guest is then liable to pay the entire rental amount unless the canoe can be rented to another.


If the guest cancels the canoe 7 days or more before the rental period begins Avesta Kanotcenter has the right to retain the premium deposit.


If the canoe is cancelled later than 7 days before the rental period, but more than 24 hours before, then Avesta Kanotcenter has right to charge 50% of the total rental cost.


If the canoe is cancelled within 24 hours before the rental period beginning Avesta Kanotcenter has the right to charge 80% of the total rental cost.


In case of cancellation of the canoe before the rental period beginning because of death, serious illness or similar circumstances suffered by the guest or any member of his family, the Avesta Kanotcenter repay the amount paid by the guest. Illness, etc. shall be evidenced by certificates or similar.

Canoe condition and equipment
When the rental period start it is the responsibility of Avesta Kanotcenter  to deliver the contracted canoe in seaworthy and otherwise working order and equipped with necessary safety equipment, and ordered extra equipment. Then there is the customer's responsibility to leave it back in the same condition.



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