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Sven has for many years moved about from north to south in Sweden during his holidays and made several canoe trips with beautiful and exciting nature experiences. For a long time he has had a dream to share this experience and knowledge with other adventurers so that they could also get the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful and amazing environment.
When he saw the possibility to organize beautiful canoe trips in the southern part of Dalarna, he decided to take on that task.Through Avesta Kanotcenter, he will now provide opportunities for people to enjoy this wonderful and special part of nature where northern and southern Swedish flora and fauna meet.   





Season 2018 starts on the 7th of May

By - a village in the south of Dalarna

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Avesta Kanotcenter


Avesta Kanotcenter
Norrbyn 8
77499 By Kyrkby(Dalarna)
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