Sights and activities in the area of the village By

By in southern Dalarna, a place where you are always close to the  nature.


Here are the lakes, the open agricultural landscape, the wild rapids and the grandeur of the woods side by side. Here you walk in woodlands rich in berries and mushrooms and it is very likely that you will see deer, elk, osprey and many other wild animals and birds. Do you want to see and experience more than the fantastic nature, than By vicinity has a lot to offer.


Horseback riding

A few hundred meters from the Avesta kanotcenter's is Storbyns ryttare located, a stable with horseback riding lessons, riding camps, child and adult rides, equestrian shop, cafe


By Marknad
Next door to the canoe center you will find Nilses la'gård. Some Saturdays during the summer is the old fashioned market here with locally produced crafts and products.

The Falkudden  camping (about 3km walk) has a pleasant sandy beach and jetties, They also have a cafe with light meals.


About 2 km from the canoe center is a 10 km long jogging track in the woods.

By Hembygsgård
Homested with exhibitions, midsummer celebrations. Arts and crafts with hand-woven items, pottery, etc. Cafeteria & catering.

By Kyrka
The local church of By village, built in 1793, with an altarpiece from the 1500s which is made in Brussels.

By Slånkvicku
By Slånkvicku is a cultural and natural week, with activities for all ages and all the senses. For each day of the week  30 is a solid program. Yuo will find more information at


Tourist information Avesta

Discover the city of Avesta (about 20km from By)


There is an 18 hole golf course, beautifully positioned alongside the river of Dalälven


Sweden's second largest skate park can be found here

The world's largest Dalecarlia horse, (normaly a wooden horse) 


Verket Avesta Art, the old slagstone furnace where different exhibitions are organized each summer, with Swedish and international artists.


Avesta Visentpark prides itself on being one of Europe's leading breeding stations for the conservation of this endangered species - bison (European bison).


For more touristinformation:

Avesta kommun

Avesta turistbyrå


Avesta Kanotcenter


Avesta Kanotcenter
Norrbyn 8
77499 By Kyrkby




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